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How do I order Savas Beatie titles?

"Order Now" and "Add to Cart" buttons are provided for each title throughout the website for convenient purchasing. We provide an online payment system that is easy, fast, and secure via Paypal (an eBay Company). Visit the Purchase Page for more information and additional payment options.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we regularly ship books overseas. However, Greenhill Books of London, England, handles our distribution to the general trade in the European market. Click here for information on Greenhill: Trade Sales

If you would like to order a title directly from us, you may do so in one of three ways:

  1. Place the order as you would as if you were purchasing a title domestically, and make your payment for the book and standard media rate postage through our online order system. Finally, specify whether you want your order shipped surface mail or airmail. We will email you back promptly with the additional postage charge, which you can then submit this via Paypal to us. Your order will not ship until the full amount of postage is paid.
  2. You may print out and complete our order form, include your credit card information, and tell us whether to ship your order surface mail or airmail. Fax your order to us at 1-916-941-6895. We will charge your card for the price of the books and the exact shipping.
  3. You may email us sales@savasbeatie.com for the total charge, print out our order form order form, complete it, include your check or money order, information on whether to ship your order surface mail or airmail, and mail the order form directly to us at: Savas Beatie, P.O. Box 4527, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. Fax your order to us at 1-916-941-6895. check/money order.

If you have any questions about overseas orders, please email us at: customerservice@savasbeatie.com

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Can I pre-order a Savas Beatie title before the publication date?

Yes. Anytime we post a book on our website, you may pre-order a copy or send us an email to let us know your interest in the book. The order will ship as soon as the book becomes available. Your method of payment will be held until the order ships. Visit the Purchase Page page for more information and payment options.

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How soon after publication will pre-ordered titles be shipped?

Pre-ordered titles are shipped as soon as they become available. Most pre-ordered copies are signed by the author, so this takes some extra time to get the books to the author to sign, and then ship to you. The date your shipment will arrive depends on which shipping method you requested: media rate, first class/priority, or overnight.

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I am a member of the media (or write for a newsletter) and would like a review copy of one of your titles. How do I get one?

Please email editorial@savasbeatie.com. Include the name of the title you are interested in reviewing and the name of your publication. We examine each request for reviews copies on an individual basis.

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I am an educator. Can I order an examination copy of one of your titles?

  1. Please write to us on your department letterhead and include your course title(s) and your adoption decision deadline.
  2. Paperback titles are offered free, with a $4.00 shipping charge. All hardcover editions are offered at a 40% discount plus $4.00 shipping.
  3. If the book does not meet your teaching needs, and you do not wish to keep it for personal use, you may return the book in as-new saleable condition (including wrap jacket) within 30 days for a full refund (except for shipping). If you decide to adopt the book for class use, and have ordered at least 10 copies from your bookstore, send us a copy of the bookstore order along with your invoice, or the bookstore phone number and your PO#, and we will issue a refund for the price of your book.

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How can I get permission to reproduce material from one of your books or on your website?

Visit our Permissions page for more information.

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How do I obtain rights for co-editions, film or television adaptations, translations, and/or reprints?

We welcome all subsidiary rights queries. Please email your specific request/interest to editorial@savasbeatie.com.

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Does Savas Beatie use acid free paper?

Yes. Generally speaking, all publishers today use some variant of an acid-free paper.

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There is a problem with a page on your website. Who do I contact?

Please email a description of the problem to webmaster@savasbeatie.com.

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What do I do if I have a defective book?

If your book has a printing or binding defect, please let us know by emailing us at customerservice@savasbeatie.com

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Where can I find a list of your titles?

Please visit the Books page of our website. Here you can browse for titles by genre or keyword.

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Do you offer Reading Group Discussion Guides for your titles?

Yes, we offer discussion guides for all of our titles. Guides can be downloaded on each book's webpage at no charge. These guides will provide you with some thought-provoking questions and lead to lively discussions! Beware, because these guides are addictive!

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How do I sign up for your newsletter and will I be charged for this?

Thank you for your interest in staying up to date on exclusive news, author interviews, and book excerpts from Libri Novus, Savas Beatie's newsletter. To sign up, simply enter your email address in the "Libri Novus Newsletter" field on any page of our website and click "Subscribe." You will find an example on the left side of the Home Page. This monthly subscription is free, and you can cancel any time by simply sending us an email to: unsubscribe@savasbeatie.com. You can view past newsletters here.

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I would like to submit a manuscript to Savas Beatie. What do I do?

We have a specific submissions policy and ask that you follow it. Please visit our Submissions page for more information.

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I have a question that is not listed here. Who do I contact?

Visit our Contact Us page to find contact information if you have any additional questions. You may also use the Live Chat feature on our website. Simply sign in to the Chat Room and if a Savas Beatie representative is available, you can ask your question and get answers in real time!

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